Wolf Asylum (Musician, Producer and Artist) unashamedly hits in an odd off beat way, with unusual complex rhythms and beat structures that re-enforce that sensibility of melodic layering with Wolf's own particular brand of whimsical song writing. Elements of lush whirling movements that are heard swirl dynamically in binaural sequences across the stereo field. The ever-evolving sound of this work can be best described as slipping through into the territory of mainstream electronic music within a seemingly accidental experimental pop aesthetic. To put it bluntly, Matt Wolf's sensibilities just happen to keep one foot in the box, while the other treads into unfamiliar places with an exploration of the limitless potential of electronic music. When you listen you can admire a vision, and hear that attention to detail, method and process. If nature itself had a voice that was translated by a machine, perhaps this is what it would sound like. Peace.